Sunday, September 13, 2009

i want you.

i want kohl lined dewdrops for breakfast.
i want dreams that veer off butterfly wings.
i want u.


oh fairy of the woods!
ur lips are cherry blossoms and u smell of wet earth.
walk with me through the apple boulevard and we'l talk of yesterday.
divine is you.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Spend the extra 1000 on those pink stilettos.
Throw out the self-help books and tell your shrink to take a hike. Ask her for her number, she just got a transfer. Tell your mother it’s a love-hate thing but you love her anyway. Eat from the stall at the corner of the road where the pani puri is delicious though the water’s brown. Catch the guy who felt you up and kick him where it hurts most. Take your bike out at 2 a.m. and ride but remember to stop for chai on the highway. Lie down in old wooden boats and look at the stars. Stand on that shaky 3 legged stool to put up the silver spotted star in the balcony and you’ll see the reindeer. Eat the chocolate cake in your fridge and tell Atkinson you don’t care. Pour the beer any which way and stare at the froth bubbles for as long as you like. Stand in the waves and watch the sun turn into the moon. Go to Greece and drown in mythology. Do the phoebe run even if you know they’re watching. Tell him you think he’s cute. Buy a mustang. Scream from rooftops. Do the 10 km marathon. Go to that Ngo and give them your one eyed teddy bear. be serenaded by an italian. Walk through apple scented boulevards and dream of yesterday. Don’t call tomorrow, call today, call now. Dance with somebody, just dance. dance in the rain. Sit outside curly’s and talk to the African selling pot. give someone a hug. jump in puddles. Go to Tokyo and steal chopsticks. Sing louder in the shower. Go for the concert and jump up and down when you think the drummer looked right at you. Sit on the terrace with bottles of cherry wine and Chinese food. Dress up when you feel like it. Write poetry and keep a diary. Say what’s on your mind. Say ‘I love u’ and ‘I miss you’ and that you care. cry and sob and wail. give the one legged man the 100 rupee note today. climb over walls and jump over railings.
breathe. feel.
Experience a moment.


do you?

Do u remember a day long ago?
When rain fell like powdered snow…
And the old lemon tree began to ache.
Do you remember a day long ago?
When the tyre swung miles up high
And sunshine danced through a cloudy sky.
Do you remember a day long ago?
When edelweiss bloomed
And orange leaves danced in tune…
Do you remember a day long ago?
When time stood still and u took my hand
And we walked away to melody’s land…

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The AM Chronicles

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The AM chronicles.

A - roommate, chai and nicotine companion, amazing listener, aalo addict, gorgeous, very low capacity in terms of alcoholic consumption, posseses a strange liking for anything dark, depressing and morbid, idealist, optimist, best suited for midnight heart to hearts about men and life,
absolutely crazy and a world of fun.

M - currently cultural secretary of MIC- Manipal, beautiful, all rounder A grade student 'loved by all' types, perfectionist, loud!, always has a story related to the situation at hand, most accomodating teetoller, deep and not so deep conversations companion, motherly, 'sweet and sunny disposition' (in the words of mary poppins),
absolutely entertaining and a world of fun

oh! and i'm L - the control group so to speak.

L: our fridge is working overtime. it's acting like a freezer.
M: myabe it had a breezer! heh

as L attempts to avoid ongoing traffic and walks on the 'safe' broken side of the road,
A: if L wants to trek, then she can hike!

A: morning!
L: morning:) did u sleep well?
A: yes, but my right side is itching. is yours?

A: im so thirsty. I want juice.
L: there’s nothing in the house.
A: should I mix jam and water?

At the end of ‘forgetting sarah marshall’
A: I don’t really know what the movie’s about.

A: u wont get a nice husband if u don’t eat the last bite of noodles.
M: tere moonh mein gobar!

M: I get bored of eating what I’m eating after a while.

A: what will you do on ur suhag raat? Now only u can’t talk about sex!
M: I curse u, whenever u eat aloo, u will fart away to glory. But this curse is only for manipal.

M: these swine flu masks will teach ppl a lesson!
L: what lesson?
M: to control their own bad breath!

25 things

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1.I hate insects, public toilets, my big feet, dirty nails, smelly ppl , immaturity and hypocrisy.

2.I think hostel life is determined by the ppl you live with.
I have always been blessed when it comes to roommates.
midnight feasts and vodka induced seances. coffee and parleG. rainy sundays and orphan puppies. addicted to bangalore.

4. waterfall caves are ideal for a holiday.

5.I am crazy about babies, candles, stationery, dogs, winter, flowers, the ocean, the smell of wet earth and the color green.

6. i think everyone has a theme song.

7.Sarcasm is a defense mechanism.

8. ivy on stome walls is so pretty. so are brasseries along the seine river.

9. the worst form of torture is paralysis.

10.I am mortally terrified of needles and cockroaches.

11. claustrophobia interferes with an active social life.

12. caffeine and nicotine tend to become compulsive, especially when it's raining.

13.I want to drive across Europe in a blue mustang.

14. A life without randomness is dull, boring and insipid.

15. nice is cherry blossoms and apple boulevards. soap bubbles are dreamy.

16.Chocolate is a way of life.

17. chai and onion pakkodas in the rain. chai, especially at obscene hours of the morning.

18. the smell of a newly creased freshly printed book gives me a high.

19.survival would be impossible without peach and coffee sessions with my twisted soulmate. My definition of ‘Mental telepathy’ and ‘other half’ would be you

20.the camera is a beautiful invention. it captures also satisfies narcissistic needs.

21. the only memories i have of school are the people i was with. i hated school.
childhood memories entail a one and only bosom buddy . from nappies to thongs. i love u!

22.I love to psychoanalyze, counsel and attribute everything to human nature. is imperative. Singing is a passion.

24. brain sex is deliriously delicious.

25.I hate goodbyes.

red and gold charlie

To and fro… to and fro…
The old rocking horse.
The boots are old and weathered.
Look, listen, wait.
Soiled with the sand of many oceans.
Tainted by the paths of fate.
The boots are burnt. Battered. Bruised.
Trails of debris lead home.
Mama’s mirror. A lady’s mirror.
The sunbeams dance through the shards of jagged glass.
The boots can crush glass. The boots are old and weathered.
Mistletoe and wine.
Tinsel draped debris.
Red and gold.
The colours of the sun.
There’s Charlie’s blankie!
Charlie can’t sleep without blankie.
Charlie had blonde hair.
Red and gold Charlie.
A step. Two steps.
Two steps from the porch.
Daisies. A pink straw hat.
Where have all the fairies gone?
Red and gold fairies.
The boots scared away the fairies.
The boots are burnt. Battered. Bruised.
They crush glass and the jade ashtray.
Tobacco is a familiar smell.
The tobacco is burnt. Battered. Bruised.
A black picket fence. A high picket fence.
Can you hear the fire engine?
The red and gold fire engine.
Look, listen, wait.
To and fro… to and fro…
The old rocking horse.


I believe the power of thought to be a wonderful ability, absolutely free and devoid of any form of dictatorship or monarchy by man or machine or even other streams of thought and perception. It is true that influence is the strongest contender that ‘thought’ has to face in its struggle for independence but if influence were to be conquered, well then thought remains pure, un tampered with and spontaneously natural.
It is exhilarating to think thoughts, to let the mind wander down any path that appeals to the modules of its core functioning. Any topic, a word or a philosophy? Or maybe a category or a species? Science or art? Chocolate or literature? Pink or gold? Autumn in Alaska or summer in Uruguay? Orion or the moon? Jewels or fruit? And it could go on till eternity for the mind is an abyss of eternity, eternal perception, never ceasing to ponder, to dream, to think, to wander… an abyss over which one has the power to control the darkness of unknown thought, to dwell in the knowledge of what has been learnt and the quench for what has not.
It is thought that proves to be an invisible saviour in the wreckage that is referred to as ‘the world’. An action that is preceded by a thought is a well thought action and hence leads to a stable consequence. The lack of thought however would awaken haste which leaves but wreckage in her wake. When influence takes hold of thought then even the best thought actions are nothing more than mistakes and wreckage is once more unavoidable.
A thoughtless mind is the epitome of a banal being, for thought is what allows us to think, to act and hence to be.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

In loving memory

They say a large part of behaviour is learnt through observation and imitation.
I try to think of all the things my grandfather taught me. I can say observation and imitation paid off and resulted in a variety of accomplishments.
I know each and every land sindbad visited and all the battles he won. I know how to blow soap bubbles and write letters in the sand. I know my teeth are safe with the tooth fairy and santa always gives me what I want. I know how to curl my Gs and loop my Ls. I know that stamp pads are meant to go only with white paper sheets and blue ball point pens. I know that music comes from the heart and I can sing wherever and whenever I want to. I know that running is a good exercise and shouting makes nana mad. I know that white hair is fun to brush and powder is meant to fall like snow. I know that folders are essential and that my signature determines my bank account. I know that shopping is an adventure and bike rides never reach anywhere.
I know that the ocean is a miracle and swings make you feel like you can fly. I know that marie biscuits are a must at tea-time and polo is dessert. I know that elves sing lullabies and there are no monsters under my bed. I know that records are like rubies and the gramophone belongs in a museum. I know that salad is an art and food is blessed. I know that chocolates are a treat and presents never end. I know that family is from heaven and Christmas is special. I know that letters are always awaited and technology mars life. I know that money does not fall from trees and credit cards are plastic. I know that laughter echoes and joy is contagious. I know that perseverance is not easy and patience is a virtue. I know that it’s ok to cry and it takes a lot to be brave. I know that honesty is valued and compassion is a gift. I know that to listen is a skill and wisdom is rare. I know that love is hard and love is beautiful.
I think I learnt a lot. Mostly I learnt how to live. And I will.


The bottles of rose water have gone stale and the jars of basan are cracked and dry. There is a faint tinge of glossy apparel and coloured skin in a world where the biggest names in the cosmetic industry are at war to stay on top of the iceberg. Cleopatra’s milk bathing routines and Pocahontas’ herbal remedies are nothing in the face of Avon’s candy scented lipsticks or Maybelline’s multicoloured eye-shadow packs. In a world where appearance is top priority and being ‘good looking’ is of utmost importance, distorted self identities and damaged self concepts are a major concern in today’s society. The pressure to ‘be thin’, the need to ‘diet’ and the want for physically enhancing materials has led to a culture that is highly influenced by shiny advertisements, fashion shows in Milan and luxuriously framed TV soaps.
However, the concept of beauty and self – image in today’s world is not completely ruined because we are presently living in an era of women’s empowerment where feminism holds fort and beauty is no longer wearing her crown in splendid glory. There are still many young girls and women who adhere to the teachings of ‘beauty is only skin deep’.
The AM Plus team conducted a survey on a group of women aged between 18 – 26 years of age on their ideas and concepts of beauty and self image and the influence society plays on their perceptions. Most of these women feel that who they are and their self-confidence makes them feel beautiful while a small percentage say that dressing up and compliments from loved ones make their day. About ninety percent of the women interviewed are of the strong opinion that looking beautiful is purely dependent on a mixture of self-confidence, an inner glow, a strong personality and happiness. Looking good however is all about one’s outer appearance. Every woman interviewed defines beauty as an inborn quality that is naturally encompassed in a person. It is best expressed as an outcome to the pure form of any emotion. Beauty is defined mainly in the realms of personality and strength of character. The responses of the interviewees also indicate a unanimous expression of the fact that Indian society defines beauty in terms of a person’s physical attributes, financial status and family background. Ninety – five percent of the respondents do not keep up to date with beauty magazines and other such paraphernalia while the remaining five percent refers to the same occasionally. Despite the will to negate imposed norms of accepted beauty, eighty five percent believe that they have to live up to a certain standard of looking good and have a certain responsibility to maintain some sort of an image.
Though it is reassuring to know that superficiality is slowly but steadily losing ground, it is plain to see that beauty will not loosen her shackles for some time to come. It is obvious and sadly true that it will take ages for human nature to judge and assess human beings in terms of personality traits and behaviour and to deem beauty as being anything beyond physical.

Where the sunbeams dance

Where the sunbeams dance
And the leaves whisper tales of days gone by
Where the grass is purple
And tornadoes spurt cherry blossoms askew
Where the old oak tree is 300 yrs old
And the ice cream man comes around three times a day
Where the shadows appear in every shade of orange
And the sun sets when it’s time to say goodnight
Where the music never ceases to enrapture
And fairies do play in the woods
Where houses are made of chocolate
And marshmallows grow in the sand
Where the ocean is frosty lace entwined with pearls
And mermaids sunbathe on the shore
Where the heavens touch the horizon
And Greek gods walk the earth
Where life is what it is
And not really what you want it to be