Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Pink Chronicles

Last week I took part in the “I like it” breast cancer awareness campaign on Facebook. A lot of thinking and some very good advice from a friend made me remove my status. This message is not meant to offend any sentiments, merely to spread a message. Sometimes to think, we need to be inspired, just the way I was.

It is amazing how a social networking site can enable a simple ‘purely fun’ Breast cancer awareness campaign to spread like wildfire! Of course, it does help that it’s so heavily induced with sexual innuendos and connotations but sex sells right? From Axe to Clove mint to Pepsi, advertising wouldn’t be advertising without the SEX! After all it’s just deodorant! And mint! And aerated drinks!

So, umm what about cancer? Where do you buy it? I heard it’s cheaper at City Center and hey! MAX has great discounts on, hmmm let’s see – Ovarian Cancer I think? And yeah, Breast cancer! Rush while u can and don’t miss out on these amazing offers! I mean today I’m “PINK” and “I LIKE IT” on the table. And tomorrow…………………………………?

Well, tomorrow, people I still want to be pink and preferably like it on a table because you know what? I like tables and chairs and floors and walls but I do NOT like IVs and ECG scans and chemotherapy!! I do not like losing my hair and counting my days! I do not like hospital smells and the cries I hear from the ICU a floor above. I do not like giving up my job and sitting at home idle! I do not like losing one breast and my self confidence!

Do you know what I really like?

I like Maria Fernandez. She’s been cancer free for 5 months. I hope she will be forever. I hope the people you know and love will never have to go through what Maria or the 7 other women I know went through.

To show your support CHANGE your STATUS now with this simple update –

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·٠•●♥ LIVE FREE ♥●•٠·

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It’s easy to like. But everyday isn’t going to be pink, yellow or green. When it comes to life… you can’t always choose what you like. So if you do care, PASS this ON. You could be just passing on general information, or better still – you could inspire….inspire to live.