Monday, December 2, 2013

An Autumn Melody

Burnt leaves strewn across my heart
A corner stone disguised in darkness
The tinge of a burnt summer sun
And the voices sing to the wind
A window pane frosted blue
The rusted tune of a vintage melody
A swirling tornado of memories
And the voices sing to the wind

My Foolish High

Give me a broken arrow and a mud tile
And I’ll build you a palace
Give me a shattered emerald and a stone
And I’ll adorn your body in grace
Play with my heart and a love song
And I’ll write you a symphony
When the river runs into foamy castles
And the robin sings of days gone by
I’ll be your ‘someone’ true and now
And you’ll be my foolish high…

A Champagne Bow

You called my name And I came running With a fishing net And a hammer And the hammer was green my friend You called my name And I came running With a broken mud tile And a champagne bow And the champagne bow was you my friend

The Benefits of Bengaluru

You don't have to agree.
1. You shower,freshen up, and get all clean only to leave your house and be bathed in the glorious fumes of smoke, dust, and pollution.
2. Walking requires a great deal of concentration or you could be 'dunged'.
3. You need to know more about butter than skills to climb a corporate ladder.
4. You actually ponder about the advantages of being an XX chromosome besides 'ladies night'.
5. Driving is all about noise, abuses, and damaged vehicles.
6. Public transport will be denied to you on several occasions and is also a leading cause for stress and severe lung damage.
7. Cleaning of our roads involves bordering them with all the dirt collected, in a 'delicate manner'.
8. Service taxes will kill your appetite.
9. Government taxes will kill your salary.
10. Auto rides are worse than capital punishments.
11. Open sewage filled water bodies are very friendly. For instance, the smell will travel with you all the way from Koramangala to Indiranagar.
I will add to this note over time. Bangalore will give me reasons to ;)
p.s. I still love my city !

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr Jackson

When the elves blessed thee
And the thorns whispered brazenly
When Mr Jackson puffed away
And purple swirls drew magic hay
Into my lace edged vision of peace.

In the feather of an instant
I was gone.

Glass Bubbles

A spoonful of sapphires
And shards of mauve
Lost in a glass bubble of me
Lost in a glass bubble of you
And the rain will wash us away
And it is not what it could be
If a dream could sail through
If the hours could tell a story
If the old lady had a basket full of dreams
If the cobble paved puddles danced in tune
Lost in a glass bubble of me
Lost in a glass bubble of you


When you’re all alone
And the green bottle breaks
When you’re all alone
You try.

You breathe a little more
You sing me a song
When you’re all alone
You try.

When you’re all alone
And chrysanthemums die
When you’re all alone
You try.

You feel.

You live.