Sunday, September 13, 2009

i want you.

i want kohl lined dewdrops for breakfast.
i want dreams that veer off butterfly wings.
i want u.


oh fairy of the woods!
ur lips are cherry blossoms and u smell of wet earth.
walk with me through the apple boulevard and we'l talk of yesterday.
divine is you.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Spend the extra 1000 on those pink stilettos.
Throw out the self-help books and tell your shrink to take a hike. Ask her for her number, she just got a transfer. Tell your mother it’s a love-hate thing but you love her anyway. Eat from the stall at the corner of the road where the pani puri is delicious though the water’s brown. Catch the guy who felt you up and kick him where it hurts most. Take your bike out at 2 a.m. and ride but remember to stop for chai on the highway. Lie down in old wooden boats and look at the stars. Stand on that shaky 3 legged stool to put up the silver spotted star in the balcony and you’ll see the reindeer. Eat the chocolate cake in your fridge and tell Atkinson you don’t care. Pour the beer any which way and stare at the froth bubbles for as long as you like. Stand in the waves and watch the sun turn into the moon. Go to Greece and drown in mythology. Do the phoebe run even if you know they’re watching. Tell him you think he’s cute. Buy a mustang. Scream from rooftops. Do the 10 km marathon. Go to that Ngo and give them your one eyed teddy bear. be serenaded by an italian. Walk through apple scented boulevards and dream of yesterday. Don’t call tomorrow, call today, call now. Dance with somebody, just dance. dance in the rain. Sit outside curly’s and talk to the African selling pot. give someone a hug. jump in puddles. Go to Tokyo and steal chopsticks. Sing louder in the shower. Go for the concert and jump up and down when you think the drummer looked right at you. Sit on the terrace with bottles of cherry wine and Chinese food. Dress up when you feel like it. Write poetry and keep a diary. Say what’s on your mind. Say ‘I love u’ and ‘I miss you’ and that you care. cry and sob and wail. give the one legged man the 100 rupee note today. climb over walls and jump over railings.
breathe. feel.
Experience a moment.


do you?

Do u remember a day long ago?
When rain fell like powdered snow…
And the old lemon tree began to ache.
Do you remember a day long ago?
When the tyre swung miles up high
And sunshine danced through a cloudy sky.
Do you remember a day long ago?
When edelweiss bloomed
And orange leaves danced in tune…
Do you remember a day long ago?
When time stood still and u took my hand
And we walked away to melody’s land…