Monday, December 2, 2013

The Benefits of Bengaluru

You don't have to agree.
1. You shower,freshen up, and get all clean only to leave your house and be bathed in the glorious fumes of smoke, dust, and pollution.
2. Walking requires a great deal of concentration or you could be 'dunged'.
3. You need to know more about butter than skills to climb a corporate ladder.
4. You actually ponder about the advantages of being an XX chromosome besides 'ladies night'.
5. Driving is all about noise, abuses, and damaged vehicles.
6. Public transport will be denied to you on several occasions and is also a leading cause for stress and severe lung damage.
7. Cleaning of our roads involves bordering them with all the dirt collected, in a 'delicate manner'.
8. Service taxes will kill your appetite.
9. Government taxes will kill your salary.
10. Auto rides are worse than capital punishments.
11. Open sewage filled water bodies are very friendly. For instance, the smell will travel with you all the way from Koramangala to Indiranagar.
I will add to this note over time. Bangalore will give me reasons to ;)
p.s. I still love my city !

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